Saturday, January 31, 2009

les acidules

These are snaps I took while working on a promo piece.more to come......
This week I had a gig at Farina, an Italian restaurant in San Francisco, in one heart of foodie heaven: A few steps away from Farina was Tartine ( no tartines in sight, actually no bread for sale, but on Tuesday evening....) it was crowded, casual and rustic.The food looked unappetizing and messy, people were drinking cafe out of bowls, soaking up the sun at tables set on the sidewalk)( don't they know bowls are just for breakfast?)
then it is Delfina pizzeria, followed by Delfina proper ( the menu looked amazing), and then the mother of all groceries Bi-Rite.The produce looked absolutely amazing, the best I have seen, the selection truly stellar,packed in one giant refrigerated section, and the cheeses, the chocolates, the prepared foods: I wish I could shop there weekly !On my way out, I grabbed a sample of organic navel:That was the dot on the i,sweet as candy, juicy as a waterfall.
Back to farina, an absolutely stunning  space, very designed in the current mode of modern/urban/Milan meets rustic/farmhouse/Stockholm.Everything was thought of down to the last detail of bolts ( the architect's wife told me).Loved the ample  white room with wood banquettes and  metal tables topped with the  old signs of the former owner of the site( a cookie company ?). For a crew lunch, we had a platter of pasta ( they make their own at a big marble counter where you can watch them display their skills) and that pasta was the best I have had in a million and a half years.served with a creamy mushroom sauce, the wide flat sheets were melting in your mouth with each bite. The owner and chef are form Genoa, and they are both dedicated to truly authentic, truly simple, truly divine.
Now, I need to go back for dinner.

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