Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Here is my report of my visit to Mexico city a couple of weeks ago. Balmy night awaited us, after we check in at the inn.
lovely, lovely place that I would recommend in a minute.( the red tree house) The tres amigas were ready to set foot in a city of vast proportions, with some neighborhoods in disrepair, while other claiming the splendor of times past. We wanted food and we wanted art.We got a little of both ( there 3 days) with a fair amount of margarita samplings ( mostly me). On walks, we encountered spices and condiments stalls
bakeries, churros restaurants, fruit stands at the park
WE had a decadent meal at Pujol, a world renowned restaurant: tiny jewels on big plates, where smoky baby corns dipped in coffee mayonnaise with powdered ants served in a gourd was the amuse bouche. We had a fun meal at padrinos, a new restaurant set in a old restored building with upscale stores and wine bars and delis in the upper gallery. The wall was quite a sight !
For more unique food, we had guacamole with dried grasshoppers, and tacos with hibiscus paste.
The Museum of Anthropology was fascinating and vast. I noticed a lava board that women used by sitting on their knees, around a wedge that enabled them to roll dough. WE had to go to Diego's studio and Frieda's house.the wheelchair at her easel was especially poignant.the blue walls represent Mexico to me : bold, lush,happy, electric !