Thursday, January 1, 2009

deux mille neuf

Deux mille neuf means 2009 in French. Neuf is nine of course, but it also can signify new as in " c'est tout neuf"( it's all new) like this year is.It is still all dewy and innocent, bright and shiny with big rosy cheeks and wide open eyes, ready to take it all in. As in the beauty that makes me swoon and the dark that makes my cry. I started this blog in january 2007, and I still feel like I am figuring things out, trying to make sense of life,refining a focus to my wandering mind.
After showing you some shots taken by Dot that I like a lot, I was emboldened to try some night photos.I tend to prefer the painterly quality of daylight ( and food looks so much better with soft even light), but by the time I was finished with my appetizers, it was dark outside. I was inspired by Bea of la tartine gourmande, and her potato nests with crab filling were a hit a the New Year's eve party.

My dear friend JM served a great dish of fish baked in salt,

and then we saw the ball drop.

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  1. Fish baked in sea salt!!! That sounds crazy!
    And oh my starts and garters, that appetizer looks deeeevine.