Monday, January 26, 2009

to be brave

Each day,the stomach seems to sink a little further.In talking to friends, reading the Sunday paper or worse watching the news, we all hope that the predicted disaster, the rightful outcome to times of greed and irresponsibility will not hit US. We have to be creative, thrifty and not wanting.Happy with little.How appropriate to see " early summer " by Ozu, a film of tenderness ,poetry and sorrow , a lesson of letting go and accepting what is,rejoicing in the minuteness of short sweet moments of life.
Speaking of brave, the word makes me crave "the bravas, the potatoes bravas".If you know my inclination for the tapas restaurant Cesar in Berkeley,you will  know that they make a killer pile of those, and since I have their cookbook, I am able to cook it at home.
This is a shot of the tasty  bravas, after their initial boiling, smeared with salt, olive oil, and smoked paprika before their final golding, crispy moment of release from the oven.

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