Friday, August 27, 2010


I cannot believe I have not written in almost a month....time has flown by, so fast that it has left me in a blur:

which is wonderful, and makes life so exciting and vibrant... but I also enjoy my time home, when I can sit back, feet on a stool in the sun and glance at the sky above:

I am also trying to make time to paint, between all the traveling this year. I am struggling with a figure, feeling some sort of love/hate relationship, alongside a quieter piece:

I am off to bangkok next week,a new continent to me,for an adventure and work. I will sure be back with stories and images.

Thursday, August 5, 2010

home grown

It has been nice to stop and breathe, have time to visit with Dot.I really enjoy going to her place, tidy but creative, colorful, but sentimental.She always has Chai on hand for me, served with a little treat, even if the visit was unplanned. She loves to nurture you, feed you well and will not let you go home without something that she has cooked, or grown.The lettuces that she gave me, come from a little stirofoam " raised bed" just outside her door. They looked exquisite and I marveled at their beauty.She said " I think this is a magical garden" and it is true: flowers everywhere and fruit covered trees surround you.
The salad was a delicious gift, heart tended, heart offered.I tasted the love in each bite.