Thursday, June 24, 2010

summer tastes

I love to go to a job in the Santa Cruz mountains.After reaching the summit and making a turn into the forest, I feel the sense of quietness and beauty that nature brings.The descent to the valley below is staggering with dips and turns, redwoods, meadows, farmlands finally.The decor is stunning, the fields covered with wild sweet peas, cows and horses in pastures, the air soft and clear.After work, we stopped at a local organic farm stand where I wanted to buy everything.The baskets of raspberries beckoned with their deep ruby color and picked from the vine freshness. I put one in my mouth and experienced the essence of the perfect berry:sweet, juicy.simply served with whipped cream ( with powdered sugar and vanilla) for desert the night I brought them back was a delight. Tonight cajeta ( a mexican caramel made with goat milk, sugar and baking soda ) will be served over vanilla ice cream with maccademia chocolate chip cookies. The marble potatoes will get roasted with the pink garlic heads,the delicate lettuce tossed with lemon and olive oil, dusted with parmesan . I love organic farm stands !

Friday, June 18, 2010

black is black....

Back in my studio, I have been using tons of black. My faces are surrounded by black, my still lives are black scratches, and I like the shots of food on black. I am fond of this shot.It is weird, may be a little grotesque, but bold.

Monday, June 14, 2010

paper and water

Saturday was like a Provencal summer . Hot, for this part of the world, but I totally loved it. Went to an opening for a big show where books are the inspiration for art.Loved this piece:

then, on such a balmy night like we have so rarely, we had to have an alfresco diner... with a view, please. So we headed to Fish, in Sausalito, and had a delicious meal, with the sky, above us, finally enveloping the scenery in a big navy blue velvet glove.Their Portuguese fish stew is memorable and significant adored their oysters.

On the way out, in the dark parking lot, a scuffle was taking place.A man, resisting arrest was pinned to the ground by 4 policemen.It was a disturbing and odd sight, for this part of the Bay.

Sunday we packed early and headed out for the beach.Pique nique , newspaper, treats, sun and sand between the toes, and then glorious swimming with the salty waves slapping my face refreshingly.

the tide was coming in and I had to walk far to be able to swim.
On the way home, a sign advertised BBQ oysters, so we stopped and by the side of the country road, sat a a table with the sun
going down,my skin itchy from the sea, and significant had another platter of oysters.I ate the buttered crusty toasted bread, dipped in the tabasco style sauce....

Thursday, June 10, 2010

a sweet afternoon

Mother's day had to be postponed.Finally we had our moment together.First we stopped at Flax where Dot wanted to treat me to new soft brushes, paint knives and mini tabletop easel.Then it was off to Hayes street to check a couple of stores. We stopped at Dish, a white and airy boutique where spiffed up espadrilles and tiny leather dots skirt caught my eye.Plus an incredible watercolor artist, Zeneida Sengo showed her work on the walls. I also loved Birch, an exquisite flower shop with couture tulips and hand made vases ,design magazines and artist books. We stopped at Paulette for tea time sustenance and had French macarons, that I thought were better than in Paris.For one, they were super fresh and the biscuit was tender, the filling intense.Coconut for me, passion fruit for Dot : tropical bliss in a mini treat.
Drove to the Mission to have a look at Paxton Place, The pirates store and dog eared books to browse. I love their selection of graphic novels.We walked to Cha Cha Cha for an early diner , sangria pitcher to share, with secrets and dreams.

Thursday, June 3, 2010

garbage still life

Back in the 70's and 80's, a bunch of terrorists attacks were panicking and killing Parisians. Bombs would blow up metro lines or garbages cans on busy pedestrian streets. I think it was the garbage can in front of a popular store on the busy rue de rennes that made the authorities change the look of the garbage can into a turquoise or lemon yellow plastic bag, where supposedly no bomb can be hidden( there is still the message : vigilance,cleanliness) .So far, so good, no more bombs, but really those garbages bags are truly atrocious to look at, and so flimsy with the orange tie ribbon floating in the wind... the only way is to turn them into a artsy collage or to do a sort of anthropological study of Parisian casual eating and drinking habits.recycling is random still.