Monday, February 2, 2009

on cue

February 1 is the day  to expect blossoms  to pop out on tree branches. There is a heat surge around that week, but then usually rain comes back and washes the petals away, too soon. California has the best spring ( early) and the best lingering fall ( till November).Sometimes it is warmer in an afternoon of February ( like now) than smack in the summer when the fog sticks hard to the sky.Taking advantage of the soft breezes carrying flowery scents, we decided to head to the beach ( 40 minutes from home) and have a pique nique.

After a satisfying meal, that included potato chips ( chips and sun and I am in vacation mode), i took a little nap and with my head on the sand I saw interesting patterns and lines:

Finally recovered from indulgence, we took the coastal trail , and after climbing the hill where you see this view, we turned the corner and faced the Pacific:flat,sparkling,still . A man,sitting crossed legged, with a ribbon across his forehead , was meditating.It was so quiet, only the boues far away were casting a church like bell sound.

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