Wednesday, January 14, 2009

winter mood

It had snowed the whole day before I landed and the landscape was pure whiteness.It was so cold. the snow turned to white ice that stayed for the whole week I was there.The sky was blue, hazy and everyone was wrapped in down or fur.

this is the boulevard where my mother lives. I have to go check her more often now, and the visits are stressful and sad. I decided to go buy her a microwave oven to make her life simpler. But, being in Paris you have to have a handsome clerk with a sense of style ( check out the tie, now isn't that too cool ?).

When I got there, it was during the time that all bakeries carry the 'Kings cake": a very rich affair of puff pastry with an almond paste filling,Back home, the galette is cut and a child hides under the table and annonce who will get each slice.inside, a ceramic miniature will make the lucky eater either a king or queen, proudly wearing a gold paper crown that is always sold with each cake.
This is the window display of La Maison du Chocolat, where they sell the galettes with a chocolate filling !

One distressing day, I rushed to a simple corner cafe to drink a hot toddy.It was delicious,and served so stylishly.

a side street in the latin Quarter,a nod to my student days:

I did a quick stop at Shakespeare and Co bookstore, a sacred space for book lovers, writers,poetry enthusiasts.The blue chair is probably the one where I saw Annais Nin read, a long time ago.People from all around the world leave love notes to George ,the owner, who lets writers live and work with him while they create.

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  1. Love the photos. You are right - that stylish man is very handsome! Ah ~ Paris, how I miss thee!