Monday, February 26, 2007


More than ever, in a world of exquisitely and frightening personnal freedom, we need a sense of connectivity to others.The sense of support both physical and psychological,the belonging to a certain ideal,the giving, sharing and receiving that forms a web of emotions that makes us human.that makes us fulfilled.
Saturday evening was a drizzly night in San francisco.We went to Haight Street,to see a documentary called"commune".Had not been on Haight for years and was pleasantly surprised by the colorful young crowds,shopping at trendy shoe shops or eating crepes in funky cafes.It was busy, it was alive,and I felt like a tourist in youthland.The Old Vic theater brought back memories of old:Rialto, Telegraph av cinema, all venues in reconverted buidings, showing artsy films with poor sound gone and replaced with corporate multiplexes.The Old Vic has church pews for seating, and serves pop corn in recyclable wooden appropriate for tonight show:The film was about Black Bear commune that was established in 1968 by a group of young hippies who moved to the wooded wilderness and deemed the place" free land for free people".Who could argue with that ? The film was a clever montage of old reels of naked young bodies cooking, working the land, giving births, believing in an alernative reality of "natural" and of today's footage of interviews with the aged protagonists. They have kept us their ideals, moving on to carreers that grew out of their experiences( acupuncturists, teachers, cabinet makers, organic farmers...).What has come out of this mouvement is enormous: alternative medicine, natural foods,ecology, and protection of the environment, feminism, natural childbirth.... support groups..... tolerance, acceptance, rock and folk music...... We owe that generation so much, no wonder young people these days turn to that era with questions, with lonely hearts in a disconnected world.

Tuesday, February 20, 2007

birds and eggs

A couple of weeks ago, I heard the first chirp. it was a moment of grace, where I focused on the beauty of that sound, and then I was off imagining wings swooping over nests where pearly eggs waited for some sunnier days.


Flew to the arctic tundra of the midwest to Iowa for a job.Let's see what it feels like to walk out in the icy slush of 0 degrees in the sunny mornings.... well,you breathe in the mintiness and then the cold rises and envelops you, the ten seconds are too much and you have to retreat.It was very pretty though, the snow flurries covering the boughs, the deers jumping in the white powder,the crunch underfoot....When I returned, California was under a mediterranean spell of 78 degrees.quickly took off boots, woolies,layers,and welcomed the soft scented air of new blossoms.

Friday, February 2, 2007

bird song

If you care to comment, I would like to know which is your favorite.....