Friday, July 25, 2008

cooking class

I was there at Joanne Weir's class, making the food pretty for an article documenting the process. 12 students( with 3 assistants) took over her kitchen, making a very elaborate meal that they would eat later, paired with wines explained by a sommelier. Here is a quote from my client" you were a sea of calm in the middle of a storm etc....." it was loud, chaotic,messy with a double sink filled to the rafters with dirty pots, plates, whisks,bowls..... I had to find a postage stamp corner to do my work: salad with stone fruits ( hey, we think alike !) and baked goat slab with toasted almonds, a spicy corn souflle ( that was a challenge that got me to the brink of sanity) and a Tuscan sandwich of a pork tenderloin baked in a baguette with a slather of herbs and olive oil and fennel pollen...) I loooove that fennel pollen.licorice lover that I am, it put me in ecstasy just by sniffing it.

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