Friday, July 4, 2008

July 4

22 years ago, Dot was supposed to come to this world on that day, but she couldn't wait any longer and arrived on July 2, a cutest muppet with hair that could be shampooed into a mohawk,2 hours after birth ! I was about to turn 22 when I met significant and that feels quite strange when I see Dot so young, so new still. In retrospect, I was a lump of unresolved dough, a hopeless romantic in search of true love ( lucky to have found it).
I am beat from my week, and this July 4 is a day of rest for me. But I am looking forward to cook and prepare a few favorites: sauteed pepper salad with garlic and parsley, mango and avocado salsa with home made chips, manchego with fruit cheese.... sounds like a party. Just need drinks and some music, sun and friends to stop by.
a couple of more snaps from my project:

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