Friday, July 18, 2008

figs and black pearls, wisdom

Last week , I spent a day with a friend that I have for, let's say , a fairly long time,and that I do no see very often since she moved to the East Coast. We met, sitting desk to desk in a communication class when I wanted to become a video editor.... She had been spending a decade in Amsterdam, following a wild lover that she had met laying next to in a hospital bed in India where she lived then. It was her boots then that I first flashed on : a royal blue leather number which looked very different from anything else around. She was single then, and I tried to play matchmaker once or twice, then unto marriage, kids when I had Dot, careers, relationships etc. We had many walks, back massages,and videotapes to replay both in our minds and our eyes what we have shared.Mostly emotions,and good pure, wise moments of friendship.
If you know our backyard, you know our dwarf fig tree.How did it produce such an extraordinary specimen is beyond my understanding. I give up, and thank such creation.

I have had this painting over my bed for over 2 months, it had a red stripe that never quite worked.This afternoon, finally half emerging from a whacked night of food poisoning, I got up from my bed, and decided that it had been too long already and painted a black line instead.It is called" fishing for black pearls in a polluted sea"

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