Saturday, July 19, 2008

saturday lunch

I like saturday mornings a lot. It has its pleasurable predictable routine that I cherish. When I make that right turn around the corner on my bicycle heading to my 10:30 am yoga class, I invariably take a deep long breath and the stress is left behind, I am 13, riding my red bicycle through the wheat fields behind the little village outside of Paris where my family owned a house.I am on the way to the quaint bakery, avoiding the crowd of boys resting against the rusted gate, to get a candy bar, savouring it as I meander, free and independent, stopping at the end of a hillside to catch my breath and admiring the eglantines on a bush.
After the class, I head to the Farmers Market with my Monoprix bag,and my exquisitely made cash pouch created by Dot. The usual stops: bread at Morell's, produce at River Dog farm, Hudson fish to check their catch ( today: local white bass that I will cook tonight, poached with fennel, baby artichokes,wine, shallots).A woman caught my eye at the lettuce counter. She was picking a bunch of scallions and couldn't make up her mind,she would pick one up and hesitate and exchange it for another perfect one, all the same as they were. I hoped that her life was not so difficult.Then I pedal uphill , to arrive home, particularly hungry and ready for a good,hearty but simple meal.Often a sandwich, make that a salad if it is warm, but the one constant is that it will be eaten leisurely and with delicious pleasure.
So Today, I decided to revisit a dish already mentioned, but that I tweaked a bit, so it might be worth revisiting:egg salad sandwich ala pouke:
start with a jar of roasted piquillo peppers,cut in strips and drop in a marinade of olive oil, garlic, fennel seeds, oregano, salt and pepper. cook your eggs the Julia Child way ( in cold water, bring to a boil, cover, turn heat off,leave for 10 mn), grill bread ( brushed with olive oil),cut up cooked eggs and mix with mayonnaise salt and pepper.rub the bread with a ripe tomato Spanish style. assemble and dust with paprika.
square bread is rice bread for gluten sensitive significant,sesame wheat country from Morell's for me.
Bon apetit !

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  1. A beautiful description of a blissful saturday ... and a hearty YUM! to your photo of our humble friend, the egg.