Friday, August 1, 2008


August 1 is National Swiss day.This tiny country has been free and democratic for over.. 8oo years or so.With long summers of pine forest, mushrooms hunting and swims in lake Geneva, August 1 was a special day that we would look forward to: Children would parade at night with candle lit paper lanterns of suns, red Swiss flags with a white cross,etc..Fires would be lit everywhere over the mountains and flicker like stars on earth. We would play with colored matches and be happy with doing little figure 8 that would last a few seconds.
A aunt and uncle would have a few fireworks, and we would eat some local cabbage sausages with boiled potatoes.simple, traditional, old fashioned,magical.
Even if I do not live in the country, I manage to grow a few fruits and vegetables and herbs.I nudge them a bit,encourage them with tender caresses and words, and what pay back.....
this is what I received yesterday:

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