Thursday, June 26, 2008

work lunch

Second visit to Piccino, a Dogpatch restaurant as I like them: sleek and urban, with great sense of style in big and small ways ( check out the glass inlays on the sidewalk at the front door), and a small menu, with an emphasis on the seasons, done in a European way of restraint , but with no compromise to taste and presentation. Sat with C at the bar, manned by a tattooed young man with a funny hairstyle, sort of a comb over, he was present, attentive and sweet.We shared a salad of escarole hearts,plums and pecorino.Since I love fruit in my salads, this was an interesting spin that I had not tried yet. It was followed by the Red Special pizza with green tomatoes ( that one was strange, it is barely tomato season but when it is mixed with olives ,arugula and a special mozzarella:it is hard to resist.)I had a tiny sip of the now famous Blue Bottle coffee, it is organic for one thing, and I think the roasting gives it a round flavor of dark bread crust...but I am no connoisseur on that one.
Then it was time to load boxes into my car, with a little Piccino help, it was a breeze.

801 22nd street. San Francisco.

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