Sunday, June 29, 2008

dinner party

Had friends over. I shopped at the market and decided on my menu there: piles of corn( I will try the salad that C told me about),jewels cherry tomatoes and a bouquet of basil to make it happen. fresh garlic, let's not forget.Fennel bulbs with green tassles( interrupted in my reverie by a customer" don't you die when you roast them with garlic and olive oil ?") thanks for the tip, that will do too. Hudson Fish has great shrimps and I will marinate them in smoky paprika and olive oil before grilling them and serving them with a persillade.Then I will have a cannellini stew with sage from my garden and a teaspoon of duck fat brought back from my last Paris visit. But first to bow to American tradition, that has become mine, I will have a green salad, made of the most tender leaves, with whites nectarines and shaved parmesan ( O.K, I got inspired a little by Piccino there),my light dressing of shallots softened by raspberry vinegar and olive oil hit the right note.
What did we talk about ? career paths, vacation plans ( we are planning to go to Mexico in the fall, to San Miguel de Allende),food, more food,movies ( that's a given),parents, family ..... .our friend N is a director of photography, and he wanted to take some food shots, he took the picture of the shrimp dish, isn't it wild ?

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