Friday, June 13, 2008


Last Friday, Dot and i went to the Art Murmur, a multi openings of galleries in this funky neighborhood of Oakland.We wanted to take it in, see what happened and make portraits of each other. The corner street is lively, I bought a couple of independent CD for Dot, peddled by the group itself,and watched mesmerized, the unique performance of this strange, mad artist who dances Bhutto style to his own internal himself, oblivious, in the middle of the closed street ( 23rd at telegraph)
This week, I worked in many kitchens,the plating kitchen of a famous wine bar-restaurant in SF and learned about roll-ups( the piles of dampened rolled napkins to wipe plates before serving),the photo studio kitchen where I know my way, the catering kitchen on the winery where the shot was taken, 90 degrees in the shade of the olives trees above.....

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