Sunday, June 1, 2008

LE whiffing

My last post about Paris. Went to The laboratoire, a private cultural center, where art and science blend into various exhibits. This time it was the collaboration of molecular gastronomy french super star chef Thierry Marx and Jerome Bibette with his creation of edible "spheres", agar agar gel drops that contains the essence of a flavor, like basil or mango. Thierry marx calls his cuisine : deconstructed, where the raw material is reconstructed in a contemporary form imagined by the chef.So, upon reservation, you had two options, le whiffing where ,at he Whiff bar, you are offered the pairing of a Nespresso flavor with the unique experience of Whiffing , meaning to inspire a flavor ( this time chocolate) through a plastic type cigar, which act like an aerosol and blast and coat your tongue and your palate with a fleeting but unique experience. The other option was a deconstructed meal with the famous pearls added to a dish or two. Since I had only reserved the whiffing and not the meal , I could only photograph the bento box ready to be topped off with the spheres, that you do not see .They were going on top of the first dish, a square mold of tomato, injected with a warm blend of mozzarella and riccota, and topped with pearls of basil essence.
The space itself was truly impressive. A video artist had looped images of micro organisms and deconstructed materials being prepared dispayled on the "restaurant' tables, a unique music accompany the visit to the different sections, the reading area, the bar, the dispaly of the machine used to make the pearls.
of art and wisdom.

Le laboratoire
4 rue de Bouloi 75001 Paris

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