Sunday, June 29, 2008


came back from a neighborhood meeting to find out details of this horrible event that happened last week to a neighbor 3 houses up the street.It was last tuesday morning, 10:30, and the garbage trucks were coming, my neighbor went tout on the street to fill her garbage can and inadvertently left her door open, husband and daughter of 7 in the house too, making breakfast in the kitchen.A man appeared, masked and with a hood, brandishing a gun and telling my neighbor ( holding a gun to her face)to cover the others with a sheet as they lay face down on the floor, then still with a gun, took her to her daughter bedroom and tried to take her pants of.She fortunately managed to get away, and they all ran screaming down the street to the store where they could call the police.Actually a policeman was at the meeting to advice us on what to do and mentionned that at noon today, two youths on bike, stopped and robbed a man just down the street from our house, and with a gun! the policeman proceeded to tell that a store on Telegraph avenue was selling these plastic bb guns that looked exactly like the real things and that people might use them to commit crimes. Great ! well I came home a little paranoid since I am alone until significant comes back late tonight.

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