Wednesday, June 18, 2008

a table of props

I am getting ready to work on a cookbook and I went to my friend C who has the best rental collection in the world ! Always fun to catch up and share a lunch. I really did not need that mini mousse tartelette !!!Can you tell what is the art direction for this book ? the type of food ? the culture ?
On another note Dot and her most special Dad spent an afternoon at the park ( Golden Gate Park) for father's day. I am including this really nice abstract image that she took of Stow lake...

Significant built himself a plywood booth for his professional voice over work that he does at home sometimes. It is a 3 sided wood cube that rest against his desk.The only problem : you cannot get out unless you crawl under the shorter side. That was a good laugh for a second. But, I shouldn't be mean, because I had the foresight of telling him to bring back the "outcut" pieces and now I have some really interesting shapes to paint on. Bought a tub of gesso and will cover 16X 60 " canvas.can't wait !

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