Monday, February 16, 2009

report from Napa

We were going to have a sense of getting away, and of trying a new place. Yountville, town of sybaritic pleasures, was our" not too far" destination.It is home to many world renowned restaurants and this one, that I didn't know.....We left under sheets of rain that lasted through the day , and I am sure that part of the pleasure of: windowns flung open to the warm air outside, would have added a bit to our experience. Despite the wet and cold, we enjoyed Redd,a restaurant with a minimalist decor in tones of grey and white, with the wall of nice art and cushy flannel banquettes.The food is contemporary Californian, with a casual bistrot style in the presentation. Ingredients are top quality, service is very pleasant, and the A card that I will give it is in the details:warm milk served with coffee, fresh ginger gratings in my bloody mary ....

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