Tuesday, February 3, 2009

ze kitchen galerie

My dear friend F and I went to ze kitchen galerie as far as 4 or 5 years ago. It was my idea to check out this new modern restaurant ,set in a beautiful part of town, down a little cobbled street from the Seine.It was innovative, bold in flavors and as colorful as their walls covered with bright modern art.foams, food in glasses, fresh tumeric, humorous ( after all the ze in the name refers to the way the French cannot prononce the sound "the" and say it "ze")interesting people.On their site, they call themselves a "atelier-restaurant-galerie" which is what my kitchen feels like sometimes, so here is the outpost of the ZE, my own kitchen gallery:


  1. I love Ze ! Sometimes too much ginger but otherwise, wonderful.

  2. kittiepoukes,

    Your blog is delicious. Makes me think, Wow! I live an ideal life...full of beauty and sensual delights. All thanks mostly to you.



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