Friday, February 6, 2009

foodie arty

It was like a siren call from the island of North Berkeley to my home bound desk.The enchanting music and the delicious pizzas were on my mind as I maneuvered my" boat" of a car under a drizzle to its rocky shore.I was not a lonely sailor as I approached the land of good cheap food and wine.There was the usual line, recession proof slice of pizza at $2.50,drinks $1.50.Ahhh, the sourdough crust with the daily changing toppings, Ahhh the Caribbean beat played live that makes your head nod yes, yes and yes.And there is the people watching, the musings at relationships and favorite destination for weekday lunch.hands down. It was time to drop in on my friend C who owns a gallery.The good thing is that you know for sure that she will be there, at her desk, and ready to chat and share a tea.stores are closing around, and the street, for a Friday afternoon seemed a tad deserted.worrisome.

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