Wednesday, February 10, 2010

tea and marmalade

If you know me a bit or a lot, you would or should know that tea time is just about my favorite time of day. Time to exhale,put my feet up, and indulge in a hot cup that will instantly ( as in deeply into my genetic cells) soothe and replenish the depleted batteries of the busy rest of the day.Even at work, if at all possible, I might sneak a semblance of tea time, but without the indulgence of leisure,secrets sharing ,scones on an antique pedestal, tea out of hand made mugs,poured from hand made pourer,dog companionship,style and art surrounding,long talk into the dusky sky.....that was tea with R, last week, delicious moment.
Thick cut traditional seville orange marmalade is the perfect complement to tea, at least in my book.So, upon seeing sevilles at my local market, I finally decided to give it a go.
My recipe was modest, starting with only 6 oranges and a lemon.But, it took time and a lot of effort to cut the zests.pretty, though, but at a cost.

then, I did the 2 bit cooking, once in juice and water, then with sugar, but I handed up with mostly zests with too little juice.The flavor is bold and the zests chewy, but the proportions and the length of cooking will have to be improved next time.Now onto tea,crumpets and marmalade. at last.

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