Wednesday, February 24, 2010

a local chai

After stopping at Spun Sugar to load up on supplies for an upcoming cookbook ( gelatine sheets, micro caramel chips,star tips and small alphabet cutters) I met significant for an afternoon rendez vous at local 123, down in the part of Berkeley that used to be dicy but that is becoming hip and chic. The mumbai chai that I ordered was like a cup of super foamy milk with a strong cardamon taste and a wisp of sugar.I love chai, and I am getting an education of the different varieties.....was that a Mumbai style ? may be.It was good and rich, specially paired with a small oatmeal cookie, made on the premises, a tiny orb of perfect sweetness and crunch.The cafe is stylish, with some rotating good art and an area at the back where puters are not welcome.see the couch where we smooched ? my cup and his German organic fizzy drink bottle ? On warmer days, I can see the appeal of a lunch on the back patio, sitting pretty on fire red chairs. another rendez vous.....

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  1. Hey! I see that this 123 place shows artwork! Git yerself signed up Missy!