Monday, February 15, 2010

food and air

more good food and more spring like weather to delight in this week end.
a big family dinner celebrating a birthday was crowned once more by a panna cotta for desert. It is my new go to desert and it is interesting to note the differences, both in texture ( creamier, runnier, more gelatinous, sweeter,flavored, sauced with ) from the various restaurant kitchens. My favorite so far goes to the lemon panna with huckleberries sauce from dream farm in san anselmo, followed by the vanilla one with aged balsamic vinegar from 54 mint in san francisco, to finally the last one: hard,a film formed on top, bland, with only the blackberries as a redeeming aspect.I won't name the restaurant.
We headed to Point Reyes station for a double valentine date with good friends.Destination: Osteria stellina for lunch.A review posted at the door started by calling it " hyper local". The food was ..local,simply prepared and absolutely scrumptious,my favorite being the cardoon gratin, tasting faintly of a combination of artichoke and fennel with good olive oil and slight melt of gruyere cheese.....
then we strolled trough town, grabbing a chocolate chocolate almond cherry cookie at the bakery( they double the chocolate with choco chips as well as a chocolate truffle like batter) and sat in the blazing sun watching people enjoy this sunny february california day.


  1. Pouke, Do you do all the drawings on your blog? They are wonderful! I especially like this diptych of the cardoon gratin and panna cotta.

  2. Hi Erin,
    yes, they are.Thank you very very much.....

  3. I cannot wait to see more! I just subscribed to your blog to keep up with your latest works.