Wednesday, October 7, 2009

sense of taste

C, who lives in New York,just sent me a care package.It is from" Live, live and organic" a company that sells raw, organic foods and skin care products.After lunch, i opened one of the little boxes:the cacao and agave and Oh my !.. the 100% raw ingredients rain forest cacao powder,virgin coconut oil,raw blue agave nectar,cacao butter and Himalayan salt sent me right over the edge of taste.melty mouth feel with an incredibly powerful and intense chocolate that lingered for a very long time. I had worked last year on some raw desserts that were particularly sinful and healthy at the same time.So, I knew that raw goes well with the sweet end of meals.With the treats came a small container of their"bee yummy" moisturizer made with live and organic ingredients.Doesn't that sound amazing ? I love the packaging, the concept and evidently:the results.

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