Monday, October 19, 2009

kind of poetic greenish blue with tea

after the rain came the tropical humid heat. that was new and welcomed, by me at least. so I stepped back out into the backyard, and as I sat, further into the brambles, to catch the lowering rays, behind the tall bamboos, I found myself surrounded by the healing colors of greens.the bees were making a last ditch effort to lick the last crumb of pollen,and the married squirrels were feasting on my burned toast that I had crumbled and left by their climbing tree.The rosemary bush thought it would be lovely to flower again,bringing the clean scent of wind dried linen to my delighted nose.
My harvesting of full herb leaves, for a French inspired melange of tisanes, is boxed and ready to go.( if you are interested, leave me a note and I will respond)...

I went to meet a friend for tea in a cafe that takes Halloween pretty seriously.

and now it is raining again.

ps; if you have noticed, I love tryptics.But the page format makes them so small.You can always click on an image to make it bigger

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