Tuesday, October 13, 2009


I know some of you like the rain, the sleet, the cold wind, the numbed toes,the slippery roads,the wet heads.
I do not.
Can I please hibernate and meet you when the plum trees flower ? Can I curl up in my downy wraps and wait for the first burst of peas and asparagus ?
Well, I can see that this upcoming darkness and winterizing has gotten me down.Plus, it doesn't help when I get bombarded daily by news of Afghanistan or read accounts of out of control gang war fares in Rio such as this one in last week New Yorker, that I read this morning as as sipped my scottish breakfast tea: "the dead man was young, wearing only red underpants.As they lifted his body, a jet of blood arced some eight feet into the air out of a bullet hole in his back, perhaps in his lungs".....
made me draw some pretty gloomy heads:

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