Saturday, June 13, 2009

a fabulous new store opened in Paris back in March when I was there.I wanted to go check it out but time ran out.My friend F sent me a letter with a list of places to check.She had just come back from " Merci" and said" I think you will love it, it is your style, quite a place, expensive..., they have these tiny little medals pinned to clothes that say Merci, they were everywhere, I picked one up,and realized that at the counter they were selling them for 3 euros ! can you believe it ?"
Tucked in an unremarkable area of town( but getting trendier of course), is a 3 level industrial space converted into a temple to trendinesss.They have the vintage furniture, the flower shop, the cafe and restaurant, the bookshop, the designers clothes, the art, the kids clothes, textiles, new table ware, trendy new mix of old and new, with part of the profit going to charity ( thus the merci part). It is all very beautiful, with an eye to color, details,and achingly hip.
I loved a grey pearl cashmere hoodie (passed), and some cute red toothpicks ( bought).
I will make it my new place to stop by when in Paris and have a brioche and tea, reading from the 10 feet high bookshelves of used books. May be with F this time....

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