Friday, June 19, 2009

drink grid

back to my recent trip to Paris and Switzerland.First I got a sore throat and cured it with orange and lemon " pressés", the lemon juice was 2 squeezed lemons for a little bit of water and two micro sugar pellets:undrinkable, poisonous, but ...curative. Then, things improved and I moved to rosé, panachés, to finish it with an organic Provencal red wine, a gift from F,who has kept her sense of humor.....
( I never, never drink Coke, but in a Parisian cafe occasionally...)
terrace life, people watching( some in the family call it staring), lingering until the sun has set behind the roofs,sweet strong espressos after lunch, things of a different past life, sometimes recaptured, always in love with.

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