Sunday, April 6, 2008

oakland weekend

First Friday of the month is the " artwalk" event in the new art ghetto of Oakland. I dragged significant, a blistery cold evening down to 23rd street and Telegraph avenue. The corner was crowded, the street was closed and a sound system was beating the rythm, while some young rappers performed. A graffiti artist was painting a mural, as I walk against the Northern wind, trying to see the fun silkscreen patches on funky fabrics, the self published manifestos, and the melted records turned into scalloped bowls. 5 galleries were open and showing some very accomplished art, as well as some little piles of hardened soil in odd shapes, which I liked anyway.The crowds were fun, a mix bag of locals, punky youths, artists getting calls on where the wharehouse party was, middle age prowlers with a sense of adventure. It felt like the east village, gritty,but with some money coming in,dynamic with new art displayed whimsically. We'll be back....
Then, off to Cesar for dinner.
we needed to warm up.
roasted mushrooms soup,the cod cazuela ( always) and the smoky,full flavored paella, did the trick( and what about the elderflower martini ? yes that too). The kitchen again used its repertoire of spices, condiments,oils and garlic with utter abandon and with the results of what a pair of strong brown calves could do, climbing on a rocky shore :confident, muscled and happy to be alive.

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