Monday, April 21, 2008


There is a strange thing going on with my little fig tree. It starts to grow a few figs from the get go alongside fresh unfurling leaves, as a teaser of wonderful things to come.After the few have ripened , we will have to wait months for the rest of them to grow to their full belly shape.Why ?
The peaches are so fuzzy, I give them a little loving caress when I go by, it is sensual to feel the silky fur.
Speaking of fur, here is another baffling episode: Saturday morning, I am already out,when significant gets ready to put his sneakers on to go exercise.He picks up a shoe from the floor of his closet, and feels the shoe heavy and starts touching something furry....What would you have done, beside screaming a little and jumping back ( what I would have done),but a baby opossum was there, all curled up and deeply asleep! Now, how did it get there ? If I am right, the house is closed up at night when the opossums roam the neighborhood,we have a crawl space under the house but without a hole to crawl into the house.....then, significant reminded me of the time I found a baby opossum in my bathtub a couple of years back, well, I had put that memory out of my head, it was too scary then ( how did that one get there too ??). Significant put the baby in the bushes and hoped for mother opossum to find it soon after.
After some nature mysteries, on to some human ones : we went on Sunday to the Marsh theater in the mission district to see a performance by Dan Hoyle, a young very talented actor who did a piece on Nigerian oil politics based on his year there as a Fulbright scholar. His one man show is a blend of Nigerian people's words and his own writing. The language is challenging but it definitively brings a sense of authenticity to the local characters he inhabits.The country government seems corrupt to the core,bringing a lot of despair to its people. corruption is a mystery .Why does it Bloom so freely in some country while others wouldn't allow it.....

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