Monday, May 21, 2007

sweet honey

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I have always dreamed of going to Greece, but somehow along the way, things have happened to prevent me from going there.So, I try my best to close my eyes, feel the warm breeze, look at the cypresses and olives trres, listen to the sirtaki music, and eat lokoumades and I imagine that I am there.The annual Greek Festival in Oakland is a siren call for me. It has a warm feeling of a community long week end vacation to that busy sunny island of the Aeggean sea.big crowds of all ages mingle, drink , eat and dance.teenaggers sulk en group,young adults flirts and laughs heartily, young men embrace like they do in the old country,kids dance shamelessly to the sounds of the mediterranean beat, and older folk reminisce of the older days.It is such a happy event, amd the loukoumades( puffed fried dough with a hot honey sauce and a dusting of walnuts) feel just right,eating them on a sunspashed terrace overlloking the San Francisco Bay,happy music drifting.I am nearly there !

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