Thursday, May 17, 2007

Monsieur Bean

In a typical traditionnal French diet, your could find basically two beans: the lentilles du Puy ( winter dishes) and the flageolets ( spring). If you can find them in your grocery store, I recommend them highly. The lentilles du Puy , are after all part of a certain "terroir", smack in the middle of the country where volcanoes once errupted, covering the ground in fertile and eventually tasty ash. I love them in salads, with robust shallot vinaigrette and tons of parsley , side of roquefort slab to continue on the local taste.Lentils have cropped up with fish, which was once a bold pairing . The flageolets are always served as a side to the Easter roasted leg of lamb. The wine reduced meat juices would flavored so tastily the nutty bean, which has a delicate texture as well.Now as a "somewhat" vegetarian, I want to think of ways to eat those pretty soft green beans.Cooking them with bay leaves, bouquet garni and sea salt, they already gain a subtle flavor. I think I will turn them into a spring salad of raw peas, goat cheese, mint ,a green garlic vinaigrette......rose to accompagny the whole bit.

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