Monday, May 28, 2007

chez spencer and "chez" tagine

Chez Spencer is a beautiful and very good restaurant tucked in a narrow street in the Mission.Yesterday they celebrated 5 years in business, which these days seems like a triumph in the restaurant world. Meeting a good friend there, we nibbled our way through and admired the architecture and the people and the art on the wall, and on plates, courtesy of a friend's friend the talented Sheri Olson.Vouvray kept us hydrated and the smoked salmon pizzetas with caviar are always a winner.happy 5th !
After checking the plush Wag Hotel where the Dot (myspace/mcpaisley) is working now as a concierge, we headed for diner at Tagine, a cute moroccan place where kasbah music welcomed us and we drank mint tea with kabobs and eggplant /tomato salad. I felt like a casa sandwich, a vegetarian conconction of the above eggplant with french fries stuck in the middle, french fries were also a side.Is this a remnant of french colonialism or pure dada food made in casa blanca ?

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