Tuesday, May 22, 2007

elements of a sandwich

A few years ago, I saw a wonderful cookbook called " the unplugged kitchen": catchy title, good foodie concept. After all, in the 21st century of i-phone and DVR, some of us strain to recapture the travails of our great grand parents: hand cranked coffe grinder anyone ? so ecological and quaint,mortar and pestle it is today. With the beginning of summer ingrdients such as basil and garlic, I had to revisit my arm building tool and whip ( that is a big word for unplugging !) a pesto crudo of basil,a mashed clove of new garlic,salt, delicious italian olive oil, and some aleppo peppers that my friend June brought back from Blue Hill Farms..... that done, it was smeared on a toasted slice of levain bread from Acme, and mixed in with strips of locally jarred roasted peppers for good mesure and taste factor.The sandwich was ready for assembly: bread,smashed (again) sardine,roasted peppers and a scattering of extra basil leaves with a side of romarino tomatoes.......
bon appetit!

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