Thursday, June 24, 2010

summer tastes

I love to go to a job in the Santa Cruz mountains.After reaching the summit and making a turn into the forest, I feel the sense of quietness and beauty that nature brings.The descent to the valley below is staggering with dips and turns, redwoods, meadows, farmlands finally.The decor is stunning, the fields covered with wild sweet peas, cows and horses in pastures, the air soft and clear.After work, we stopped at a local organic farm stand where I wanted to buy everything.The baskets of raspberries beckoned with their deep ruby color and picked from the vine freshness. I put one in my mouth and experienced the essence of the perfect berry:sweet, juicy.simply served with whipped cream ( with powdered sugar and vanilla) for desert the night I brought them back was a delight. Tonight cajeta ( a mexican caramel made with goat milk, sugar and baking soda ) will be served over vanilla ice cream with maccademia chocolate chip cookies. The marble potatoes will get roasted with the pink garlic heads,the delicate lettuce tossed with lemon and olive oil, dusted with parmesan . I love organic farm stands !

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