Monday, June 14, 2010

paper and water

Saturday was like a Provencal summer . Hot, for this part of the world, but I totally loved it. Went to an opening for a big show where books are the inspiration for art.Loved this piece:

then, on such a balmy night like we have so rarely, we had to have an alfresco diner... with a view, please. So we headed to Fish, in Sausalito, and had a delicious meal, with the sky, above us, finally enveloping the scenery in a big navy blue velvet glove.Their Portuguese fish stew is memorable and significant adored their oysters.

On the way out, in the dark parking lot, a scuffle was taking place.A man, resisting arrest was pinned to the ground by 4 policemen.It was a disturbing and odd sight, for this part of the Bay.

Sunday we packed early and headed out for the beach.Pique nique , newspaper, treats, sun and sand between the toes, and then glorious swimming with the salty waves slapping my face refreshingly.

the tide was coming in and I had to walk far to be able to swim.
On the way home, a sign advertised BBQ oysters, so we stopped and by the side of the country road, sat a a table with the sun
going down,my skin itchy from the sea, and significant had another platter of oysters.I ate the buttered crusty toasted bread, dipped in the tabasco style sauce....

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