Monday, May 10, 2010

voluptuous pleasures

Every French child know by heart at least one line from the Baudelaire poem"invitation to voyage', usually the refrain:"la, tout n'est qu'ordre et beaute, luxe, calme et volupte" :a place of sensual pleasures that you can always retreat to ,a place of solace and delight from the rocky trails of life.Finding that line recently made me look at the list of chosen words, a little more closely: order, I crave order and find a great calm when everything is in place, beauty: this is the mood enhancer that I look for:finding beauty daily in the big as well as the small, calm: quietness allows me to to get inspired,to be close to the sounds of nature,to go inward, to find my inner voice,voluptuousness: the sounds of the word itself feels like a caress on the tongue.It is the happiness you find in yourself, following your true nature and being able to accept the bad, with the deliciously good.
Speaking of deliciously good, I have had some experiences lately that I like to recall in my mind: a heart warming late morning cafe au lait/croisssant with C, which was decadently buttery with a rich foamy brew that I can appreciate the rare times I have it, the bouquet that Dot brought me for my birthday that had the most gorgeous peonies that swelled in hot pink languor, and the roasted asparagus with parmesan wedges and Saba( an italian condiment using the same grapes as the one used for balsamic vinegar, but reduced over an open fire to caramelize the sugars) that Dot cooked and plated.

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