Saturday, May 15, 2010

moving in

Dot helped me move into my little space, my tiny atelier, my own painting studio. A long deferred dream, finally realized. She immortalized that happy moment by snapping a few still lives of the room, pinning some images that inspire me these days , sharing all that with me.Then , it was off to the Actual Cafe ( close by) for lunch.Loved the space, the vibes, and the food. We shared a cheesy veggie panini and a giant salad that we split.: best dressing, interesting, fresh ingredients( strawberries, currants, almonds, avocado) mixed in the freshest mesclun.There is a massage chair next to the communal table, and as we ate, a couple of people had their back rubbed.....


  1. Congratulations on your new art space. I have a little corner too for musings and expression.

  2. i can't WAIT to see your new space !

    i love the actual cafe too. j and i had coffee there last sunday.