Thursday, May 27, 2010

my version

E of Yummysupper has always great recipes and photos to share. Plus she is a Berkeley girl and it is always fun to see what she is up to.Her last post got to me...I have said it before, I am a crazy heart when it comes to salads with fruits in them. And I LOVE stone fruits.white nectarine specially. So I modified the recipe a bit, omitting the T.Keller bit about the fruit puree ( I am sure it added another dimension to the dressing, but for weeknight salad,it seemed too much) and kept it simple with only white endives.It was delicious.Next time I will shave some manchego alongside.
thanks E !( for recipe ,go to yummy supper)

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  1. Pouke, I'm so glad you found the salad as irresistible as I did. There is something about the combination of stone fruit and Marcona almonds that is simply magical.
    Good move to omit the Keller's peach puree - no need for all that extra work.