Sunday, April 26, 2009


The Friday night event at the De Young Museum was hard to pass by: a show of Warhol's works, cocktails , music by the Elastic Amoebas, a Warhol's Factory party room, silkscreens with Obama's portraits, and more. The exhibit was a sensory explosion: music piped in, T.V sets playing his shows and movies, acid colors on his hyper graphic canvases, and a space that sent you back to a world that Andy might have experienced and created: plush square sofa/bed/mattress in a center of a room with a psychedelic show of concert footage and images with a light show tagged on,recording of the velvet Underground group that used to reside at the factory.....
I really admired his work, was inspired by some early drawings that showed great talent from the start, and was amazed to see how prescient he had been about the whole celebrity fascination. I had forgotten his magazine Interview that captured the global frenzy for the "people" press. And what of reality T.V with his movies of people sleeping, kissing,eating ? Again, precursing hints of the voyeurism and narcissism of today.

We grabbed a G and T, listened to the band, and watched the crowd walking by.Some people looked a little too much like their sixties ghost, so I had to ask "Edie S" if I could take her picture , lounging in the factory party room:

But the evening was young, and we headed to Farinafor a fabulous meal. I love the room where every design details is thought through and hand made, just like the food, prepared delicately but with bursting flavors. Their pasta made there is in my mind unparalleled. I am still dreaming of my dish of hankerchief pasta with ligurian pesto. a melt in your mouth...
Dot ordered the tiramisu which I thought deserved a picture for its presentation, if only you had been there to taste it ! an inch close to sublime.

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