Tuesday, April 7, 2009

fish and currry

O.K, lets' start with the fish part. It is spring time and the plants need a little attention, some stroking, and an occasional treat: I keep a nice little jug of fish emulsion that I mix with water, and the whole fancy cocktail gets greedily absorbed by the thirsty roots.So, I had gotten started on the process and left the jug next to the shed.One morning, the jug was tipped over, and the gooey drink had spilled a bit in a crusty river worthy of Andy G. I am bad with tops, always have, and often fail to screw them tight.This time, the top was secure, but the next morning the jug was over on the other side of the lemongrass roots that I keep wet in a saucer before I can figure out where to plant them. a little weird, but I assume some night creatures ( raccoons , opossums, squirrels,leprechauns) were fond of the stuff.Then, yesterday, as I am getting ready to water my new herbal plot:no jug, gone. What the hell ! got on my knees, looked under the shed, and thought for a minute that I was getting loopy. I imagined a grinning raccoon, teeth clenched around the pink plastic top, climbing over the fence, looking forward to his bouillabaisse that day .... now, what ?
Now on to the curry:
Have you seen or heard of curry leaves ? cooked with them ? I was just working on a project with Indian spices and learned that curry leaves are not part of the curry powder concoction. they are used widely to make all kinds of curry dishes ( actually a curry is really a dish, vegetarian or not, that is mixed with different ingredients and a sauce, it doesn't have to look yellow).The small pointy leaves ( looking a little like fresh bay leaves) are usually thrown fresh, in the pot with oil, cumin seeds, turmeric and what not, then when translucent and a little toasted, the rest of the dish is added and tossed in the fragrant melange.

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