Sunday, April 12, 2009

a new novel

I have known Summer for decades. I have known her as long as L. We all worked in a store for 2 women who had the instinct of hiring a great crew: a mix of talents and temperaments with heart and style. these two married brothers, handsome young men with dreams of rock and roll fortune.When Summer gave birth to her daughter, I remember visiting her in her little cottage ,a skip and a throw from the store. Her son, would sit on my lap,working on his coloring.Summer has always written . poems when I met her, and novels more recently.Her new book was inspired by a terrible event that took place in Berkeley, where a salacious and greedy businessman ( restaurants, buildings etc) had lied to immigration pretending that 2 young women were his nieces, and had them trapped , prisoners in one of of his apartment, reduced to being his sex slaves. One of them died tragically and the whole ordeal was revealed. So now Summer wrote a story about a woman who got caught in a similar web.I will go to her reading at Moe's in Berkeley on April 28 at 7:30 PM and I cannot wait to read the book.

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