Monday, November 17, 2008

November sun

You must have heard of the Southern California fires and the( 85 F) 30 oC  temperatures....Here, it has also been unusually warm, with some hot winds going every which way. scarry, yes, but without the fires here, also utterly delicious. tank top on bicycle, a switch back from soups to salads,pique niques on Muir Beach, the Bay waters looking a saphire blue, and a return to the back yard for a week end lunch. I had put it all away, including the finely woven straw table mat. It was the first time we were using it, after our purchase in San Miguel.
We had a fancy lunch at restaurant Chamonix (!) in San Miguel de Allende, eating in the back patio, surrounded by bougainvillas and that great blue waterfall wall that I already showed in an earlier post. The tables were covered by these mats, and we found it so pleasant to the touch and the eyes that we decided to track one for ourselves . track is the right word since we had to wander around the crowded square in search of Maximiliano, who was carrying them on his back and peddling them, usually in front of the terrace of the restaurant to the left of the Parroquia, the big baroque chuch, ressembling in a minor way to the Sagrada familia , the Gaudi madness of Barcelone.The Plaza was crowded with aztec dancers celebrating San Miguel , men were twirling upside down,tied to their ankles around a giant pole, I was drinking another  margarita when I spotted Maximiliano and bought( haggled over)   the mat.Sunday lunch brought us a little bit back to that memory and to the the warmth of everything Mexico, only quieter.

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