Saturday, November 22, 2008

food make-up ?

I guess times are going to get harder for all of us. May be, Who knows ?...., but I keep getting e-mails like this one from people who want to get into food styling. This last one is from a colombian woman with an interesting Spanish translation for food stylist in her signature ! make up for food ? or in French " maquillage pour aliments " ?

First of all, I want to tell you I'm starting my own proyect on food styling and I want to work in the bussines. I'm a colombian advertisment professional and I have been working for an Editorial company, as a producer.
I was wondering if there is a posibility of doing an internship with you as an assistant or anything similar you may consider. Right now I have my visa papers in order to stay there for 6 months or less.  
If this is not possible for you, maybe you could recommend me something that could be good for my career.

I know that in this work you grow professionaly depending on the experience you have and who beside you learn.
Hopping you  will consider giving me the opportunity or might as well guiding me what shold be my next step.
Beatriz Velásquez
Maquillaje de alimentos/ Producción fotográfica "

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