Saturday, November 22, 2008


Yesterday was pretty spectacular in many ways. Set out to meet C. at the Heath holiday sale.Cars parked for blocks,long lines in the factory store when the sale had only started half an hour before. Everything is beautiful of course, but also expensive.The reason is a good one, all handmade with a georgous sense of style and colors.The new owners are taking the midcentury look to a risky palette of saturated blues and reds. I am curious to see if they become as popular as the old quieter tones. Which I prefer.Linen is my choice, a soft white that I never get tired off. It is my breakfast set, so I need to ease into the day with softness. C.had given me the cups some years back, and sometimes I missed the saucers, I found them with slight defects for 50 cents each ! Now, that was a sale of economic downturn proportions !.only glitch : had to wait 45 minutes for my $1.72 sale ( everything is 20% off the marked price!).
Then we  set out to eat at Fish ,just a block away, to a lunch of fish(!) tacos outside on the deck. It is a restaurant I had meant to check for a long time and was pretty curious about , plus the sunny sky helped: Yesterday was one of those days, when you thank your lucky star to live in such beauty with a mediterranean weather to allow you this kind of experience... at the end of November.
The fish tacos ( with organic beer ) was disappointing. The use of tilapia set me back a bit, after all their restaurant arbors a sign " organic marin" , isn't tilapia a farmed fish and a pretty unappealling one ? So at first. it had a smoky bite from the grill, but the fishiness lingered,served with what looked like vibrant and fresh sauces, but instead, that tasted bland. give me some chipotle mayonaise or pomegranate-jalapeno salsa or something. They didn't skimp on cilantro though! price $ 12. worth it totally if it is fntastic, not otherwise. oh well we paid for the view.

The day ended with a night out in San Francisco. The sunset sky over the Bay on my way there was fun to snap,
I was meeting my friend J for dinner and  an event/talk with Toni Morrisson. After parking the car at the masonic auditorium, I suggested the Top of the Mark ( the 17th floor restaurant at the top of the Mark Hopkins restaurant). It felt so" big city" to enter this old and lavish and huge lobby, the view ( again) was impressive and we had a very pleasant moment, sitting comfortably and having a tasty treat of a mezze platter each with cosmo for me, wine for J. presentation was nice, service gracious. Then T.Morrison received a standing ovation on her entry, and admitted that she didn't believe she would live to see an African-American in the white house. Our local talk show host Michael Krasny did the interview, probing gently, intellectual in his approach. T.Morisson seemed happy, giggling  many times, showing a lighter side  to her darker writings. Her new book " A mercy" sounds fascinating, blending early american history and human complex emotions.

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