Friday, October 17, 2008

land of contrast

last call for vacation memories.Old and new, indigenous and upscale, warm and cold, loud and soft, quiet and vibrant. It was all there in San Miguel. The rooster across the street on the rooftop, kept us company, and the days were parceled in leisure segments between meals.We went to an old factory transformed into a center of art and design.very beautiful buildings, some great art, and artisanal furniture that I could have had shipped if I had had enough pesos. Here are a few examples that caught my eyes :

Then, as I said, we had the difficult decision to make about where we would eat next.The choices were numerous, and we did not have a bad meal.We ate in  traditional mexican  cafes( great rajas tacos,enormous margaritas..) to  more hip , fusion kind of a places. It was all there, around every corner. The guacamole was originally presented at a little  terrace  on the plaza.
the blue wall was a waterfall, cooling the outdoor patio where we ate another day...

Then, my eyes are still closing on the ochres of the walls, the colors so rich like a wool blanket on a crispy cold night, colors of the South, of what I imagine Africa to look like.

the rainy season of summer had just ended, and the countryside was covered in wildflowers. We enjoyed a peaceful walk in the Botanical gardens, blessed by the Dalai  Lama as a  special place of peace

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