Saturday, October 25, 2008


cru means raw in French. There are very few  foods that you eat raw in the old country.The salads, after all, plays the part of palate cleanser after the main protein dish and before the cheese platter.The radishes are slathered with butter, the vegetables are very cooked to the point of utter tenderness,the crunch is out in favor of taste and richness on the tongue.
Raw food, which is appealing  sometimes, usually makes my stomach heavy , when it should have the opposite effect: light and free,  making you ready to work even harder. The deserts are decadent though, with tons of creamy vegetable fat and pureed nuts.They satisfy all senses. The other dishes can be tasty, but I would miss my morning toasts,my hot winter soups, my melted cheeses.
In the meantime, I worked on styling some raw dishes and  these are some examples.pretty, no ?
you can always click on the image to make it bigger...

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  1. yay, I found your blog! And I didn't know you were French. On peut parler le francais. =)